Services Offered

Career, temperament and leadership skills analysis

  • Appraisal of qualifications and skills.
  • Consultation concerning organizational, political, and interpersonal skills related to career advancement. This might include temperament identification with the Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator instrument, and identification of leadership skills and opportunities with the Center for Creative Leadership Benchmarks 3600 instrument.
  • Development of a verbal and a written communication of key skills and abilities.
  • Determining types of positions/roles for which client is presently qualified, and establishing immediate objectives.
  • Establishing long-range objectives which are realistic and that will afford job satisfaction and income potential.
  • Development of a life-mission if appropriate as part of goal setting.

Career-related services

  • Developing career and personal goals and methods to achieve them.
  • Developing time-defined financial goals, including achieving financial independence.
  • Time management, personal organization skills (calendar management, electronic device management).
  • Image and presentation skills
    • Self-awareness
    • Written skills: CV, Executive Summary, Email etiquette
    • Verbal skills: Active listening, difficult interactions, conflicts, negotiation

Referral, focusing, and targeted interview campaign for career transitions

  • Development of a marketing program to assist client in establishing appropriate level contacts for exploratory interviews and job interviews.
  • Evaluating results of exploratory interviews to decide and clarify career choices.
  • Development of CV, Executive Summary and/or other materials targeted to position.
  • Preparation for all interviews; handling sensitive issues/concerns.
  • Development of effective interview techniques to induce job offers.
  • Reviewing and assessing offers.
  • Counseling in negotiating salary and benefits.
  • Follow-up after starting new position to develop a program for advancement toward long-range objectives.

Other Services Offered

  • Presentations/Speaking engagements on topics surrounding:
    • Career Development
    • Career Transitions
    • Coaching
    • Using PAR statements for career advancement
    • Graceful Self-Promotion
    • Women in Medicine
  • 360 Assessments (Tool provided by Center for Creative Leadership)


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